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Stock Purchase Agreement Stock Consideration

(e) any substantial increase, modification or implementation of bonuses, insurance, severance pay, deferral, retirement, retirement, profit sharing, stock options, stock purchases or other workers` pension schemes, for example: non-competitive and non-call agreements; written resignations of company executives and managers, with immediate conclusion; Legal advice Change of sola; Employment contracts. These definitions are clear and must be adapted to reflect the unique characteristics of each share purchase agreement. A lawyer can check these definitions and advise whether or not they apply in a given situation. THE VENDEUR owns _____Aktien (the “shares”) of the common share, no par value per share (the “ordinary company”), the company, the shares – % (%) Issued and outstanding common shares of the Company; and “Links”: all pledges, pledges, voting rights, voting rights, voting rights, security interests, restrictions, mortgages, declarations of trust, leases and other property rights, conditional sale or any other property rights, assessments, facilities, rights of way , agreements, agreements, restrictions, property rights, interference with property and other charges, options or charges of any type of investment of the buyer. The purchaser acquires the shares only for investment purposes and not for the purpose of re-election in connection with a distribution under the Securities Act of 1933 as amended (“Law”) or another national securities regulation law, including, but not limited, to that of the State. At present, the purchaser does not intend to share his interest with others, nor to resell, sell, transfer or sell all or part of the shares. The buyer acknowledges that he is acquiring a business when the vehicle for such a purchase is the acquisition of shares and the buyer intends to manage and operate the transaction as a current business. The purchaser conducted an independent investigation of the business and its activities and did not rely on guarantees from the company or seller, unless expressly included in this agreement. All information about the company and the shares requested by the buyer have been made available to the buyer; and the buyer read and verified this information and had the opportunity to discuss this information with this information and to ask questions about this information to senior management and other company representatives. The buyer has the financial and commercial knowledge and experience that the buyer is able to assess the benefits and risks associated with an investment in the business and in the shares, as expected here. The buyer is able to bear the economic risk of such an investment, has sufficient resources to meet his current needs and contingencies and does not need liquidity in relation to the purchase envisaged here. The purchaser understands that the shares have not been registered under the National Securities Regulatory Act or Regulation Act and must be held indefinitely; that these shares cannot be sold, transferred, hypothetical, hypothetical, hypothetical or otherwise sold, except under the law and other applicable national securities provisions. The seller wishes to sell and transfer to the buyer, and the buyer wishes to buy and accept from the seller all the shares under the terms specified in them and under the conditions set here.

8.4. Renouncement of compliance. In the event of non-compliance with an obligation, an agreement or condition that is included, the buyer, on the one hand, or the seller, on the other hand, compliance with the obligations, agreements, agreements or conditions related to them, can only be revoked if this is stipulated in an instrument signed in writing by the party or parties and linked to such a waiver but such a waiver or failure to insist on strict compliance. – Confederation, agreement or condition