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Termination Of Software License Agreement

7.9 Dismissed by the U.S. government. The software made available to the licensee under this contract is a commercial asset developed at private expense. If the taker is a U.S. government unit or a U.S. government, Voyager Search grants or offers licensee subscriptions pursuant to this Agreement in accordance with the FAR 12.211/12.212 or DFARS subsection 227.7202. Software is subject to restrictions, and this agreement strictly governs the licensee`s use, modification, performance, reproduction, publication, display or disclosure of software. The provisions of the treaty that are incompatible with the federal system do not apply. A U.S. government licensee may transfer software to each of its facilities to which it transfers the computer on which it installed the software under permanent license.

Where a court, arbitrator or board of directors of the Commission is the case of a licensee of the United States government under the current public procurement legislation, these rights apply only to the parties concerned. A seller or customer may also have tacit termination rights under general law. The nature and scope of the implied termination rights depend on the particular circumstances and the express provisions of the software license agreement. In some software licensing agreements, licensees negotiate acceptance rules with certain corrective measures when the software does not meet or comply with the criteria. Licensees oppose acceptance tests and generally believe that their performance or compliance assurance is all that is necessary. 7.7 Successors and endowments. The licensee may not surrender, sub-concede or transfer the licensee`s rights without The prior written consent of Voyager Search, or delegate its obligations under this agreement, and any attempt to do so without consent is quashed. This agreement applies to the respective beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the contracting parties.

Nevertheless, a state contractor who has acquired software under a contract with the government may transfer this agreement to its government licensee after written notification to Voyager Search, provided the state licensee accepts the terms of that agreement. A checklist for software licensing agreements can help simplify the process of creating and negotiating a software license agreement or creating a software licensing model. The development of such an agreement or proposal involves the planning and possible handling of a large number of technical, economic and legal issues.