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Tranquil Agreement Definition

I expected us to grow old together in solitude and tranquility from that moment on. Tranquil City is a project that explores the tranquility of the city. We believe that by understanding, encouraging and creating quiet spaces in the city, everyone can improve their health and well-being as city dwellers. People living in increasingly urbanized areas are looking for recreational environments for rest. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and map these quiet spaces. However, in situ data collection in large areas where people experience calm is generally prohibitive. In this study, we use social media data from photo-sharing platform Flickr to explore the experience of calm in Scotland. We have developed an innovative methodology that combines the metadata of photographs (location and keywords) and the content of photographs, to explore where calm is experienced in the landscape and what factors influence tranquility. Mapping photos with tranquil beacons shows experienced tranquillity areas throughout Scotland that are easily accessible by road, for example along the west coast, as well as near inland waters. Users also uploaded quiet photos in urban areas, but less than expected compared to the density of general Flickr downloads in these areas. Based on the content of the photographs, the presence of water, boats and special atmospheric conditions (z.B. sunset) were identified as significant factors that affect the calm experienced. In addition, we found no link between potential quiet areas and places where people uploaded photos with quiet tags.

This study highlights the potential of a hybrid approach to social media data analysis to study people`s local experiences. By focusing on where people experience calm in the landscape, our results complement existing approaches that model the potential for tranquility, and have a significant impact on how we design and model tranquility as experienced by people. The return of the lull after so much fuss was frightening. However, the rite was used by the Chantry and Templars for punitive and political purposes to silence dissenting opinions and curb civilized discourse among disgruntled mages. [7] This is the judgment of the knight`s commander, if a mage is to be immobilized. [8] Chantry`s law prohibits the execution of the rite without significant provocation and the approval of the first enchanter of the circle concerned. “Provocation” means that either the magician cannot control their magic, or that he is not willing to do so. [6] Because a mage who has managed the shock is considered strong enough to withstand demonic possessions, it is theoretically contrary to Chantry`s law to make them calm. [9] Practically, the situation varies from tower to tower:[8] The system is unbalanced wherever the First Enchanter is weak or ignored. [6] A sense of calm and cheerfulness soon robbed everyone.

The door closes with a provocative boom, while the excited young lady regains her peace of mind. We hope that by transmitting usable data to the people who contributed to the crowdsourcing map, we can demonstrate the power of data in the design of our cities and encourage more people to share their own quiet spaces throughout the city. In the first phase of the experiment, Tranquil City studied the importance of calm in the urban context and urged citizens to bring their own definition of the term by posting images and videos on Instagram.