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Clydesdale Bank Agreement In Principle

The improvement of the service offer also introduces the objective of making a decision in principle to the broker within 48 hours of filing a case. The terms and conditions apply to the 10-day commitment found on the Bank`s intermediary website and apply to Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank products. Clydesdale Bank is the smallest of the three Scottish banks (the other two being Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland). Brokers will receive a policy decision within 48 hours of filing a case, and if further documentation is required to move the case forward, they will notify the brokers. With Clydesdale, there are no prepayment fees if you switch to a new online business in the last three months prior to the end of your current business (or at any time if you are part of one of the bank`s lender`s variable rates). If your situation is not easy, let`s discuss your case with their sub-authors. In this way, we were able to agree on a “policy decision” before submitting your complete application. As mentioned earlier, our advisors work side by side with the bank`s senior authors. You can discuss the benefits of your application if your circumstances warrant it. Please read the full terms and conditions, privacy policy, questions and answers about cookies, funding of this website and the editorial code of.

“We know it can be done quickly when it comes to helping customers. For this reason, we now want to make an offer within 10 days of receiving a fully packaged application, or we give £100 to customers if they enter into a contract with us. “If you want to work with a lender who understands how you act, Clydesdale: Using this close relationship allows us to get exceptions for quality cases. What does that mean? If an application does not directly match its credit policy for contractors, they will listen! You can reach Clydesdale 24 hours a day on 0800 345 7365. We use cookies to facilitate the use of the site. Read our cookie policy. Clydesdale Bank Intermediaries has introduced a new requirement for borrowers to receive an offer within 10 days of filing a fully packaged application. Displays the best cards and credits you will most likely get. Clydesdale Bank has been offering mortgages to contractors for several years. Like Halifax, they are 100% adapted to the needs of the contractors and their operation. The Clydesdale believes that contractors often do not cut all of their income. They receive low wages and dividends to remain fiscally efficient.

But why would they sacrifice mortgages with key rates to stay that way? Visit their website for alternative contact methods, including online requests….