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Concomitant Zoning Agreement

After receiving the planning board`s recommendation for the initial zoning of the area recently annexed or proposed to the annexation, and at least thirty days after the planning board`s public hearing on the matter, council shall hold a public hearing on the application. When you need to request a location rezone In cases where a type of use is not allowed in a particular zoning district, a customer may request a site rezone to respond to a particular use. The rezone process allows the applicant to benefit from some flexibility in the zoning code, but also allows the city to set conditions for a project that can protect against the potential negative effects of the proposed development. (7) Recommendation to City Council. The Director of Planning prepares a recommendation to The Municipal Council on the proposed prestress agreement, which incorporates the advice of the committee. (e) the decision criteria. City Council approves the recommended zoning if: (b) content. The recommendation to the Council contains any reasonable conditions or restrictions that the Committee considers reasonably necessary to eliminate or minimize the adverse effects of the approval of the accompanying application prior to annexation. In addition, the recommendation includes: (1) Purpose. The intention of an accompanying agreement prior to annexation is to create a process to promote diversity and creativity in website design and to protect and enhance natural and community features. The process is made available to promote unique developments that can combine a mix of residential, commercial, office and industrial uses.

By using flexibility in the provisions of an accompanying agreement prior to annexation, this process will foster developments that will benefit citizens who live and/or work in cities. . . .